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Locating Value in Spreadable Media: Executive Summary (part 3/3)

By | December 16, 2009

Sorry for the delay – I meant to post this on Monday but got caught up and totally slipped my mind. Anyway, here’s the last part of the executive summary. You can read Par1 1 and Part 2 and Part 2 in this blog and download the full paper here. I’m hoping to get up […]

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Locating Value in Spreadable Media: Executive Summary (part 2/3)

By | December 10, 2009

Here’s part 2 of the executive summary to my most recent white paper, completed earlier this year and now available to the public. This part digs more into the differences in regulation and expectations between monetary and non-monetary forms of exchange. Part 1 is here. Spreadable Media Across Market and Non-market Exchanges To truly begin […]

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Locating Value in Spreadable Media: Executive Summary (Part 1/3)

By | December 8, 2009

As promised in the twitter backchannel during Futures of Entertainment 4, my most recent C3 white paper on non-monetary social economies in spreadable media is finally going public! Enormous thank yous to the entire C3 team for their enormous brains, and to Joshua Green for his editing-fu. A few of you caught a preview of […]

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research preview: locating value in spreadable media

By | April 20, 2009

In preparation for the C3 sponsoring partner’s retreat in May, I though I’d share a brief(ish) summary of the research I’m getting ready to present there. More then Money Can Buy: Locating Value in Spreadable Media In our white paper “If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead,” we propose that information and cultural materials — such […]

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The Fallacy of “Free”

By | March 18, 2009

(credit: images used under CC license from cayusa) “The idea of a pure gift is a contradiction.” – Mary Douglas “Free” is a term that has come into vogue in recent years to describe many of the systems of information and services made available in the so-called new media landscape. In 2008, editor Chris […]

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Skittles, Spreadability, and the question of social media authorship

By | March 2, 2009

This was later cross-posted to the Convergence Culture Consortium blog A funny thing happened on my way to check out the new Skittles homepage-as-social-media-experiment that’s been generating all sorts of attention over my twitter feed. I went to the homepage, and in my sleep deprived idiocy, entered today’s date in their terms of service agreement […]

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Branding in Bahía: Spreadable media made (literally) material

By | February 27, 2009

Originally written for the Convergence Culture Consortium blog. For details about how Carnival works in Bahia, please refer to Ana Domb’s post. It’s fitting that we’re closing in on the end of our Spreadable Media white paper series on the blog just as Ana and I begin to discuss our experiences and research in Brazil, […]

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Miro 2.0: aggregating decentralized video

By | February 12, 2009

Originally written for the Convergence Culture Consortium: On Tuesday, the Participatory Culture Foundation launched version 2.0 of their non-profit, open-source internet video player, Miro. A detailed features list can be found at the Miro site and Ars Technica has a fairly thorough breakdown of the pros and cons of the interface. What is immediately striking […]

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Finally Spreading “Spreadable Media”

By | February 11, 2009

After nearly a year since Henry Jenkins, Ana Domb, and I first unveiled the “Spreadable Media” research in a lengthy and dense (read: we talk fast) presentation at the Convergence Culture Consortium Partner’s Retreat last spring, we’re finally able to begin sharing our efforts in dismantling the faulty metaphor of viral media and moving towards […]

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