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Many articles that didn't fit in this category were republished at full interview (part 5/5)

By | June 22, 2009

In the 5th, final installment of my interview, the founders of discuss their monetization plans for the site, and the unique offering to the kdrama fan community. Previous parts: Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. The introduction to the site is here and a summary of the key points of the […]

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By | June 15, 2009

The 4th installment of my interview with the founders of delves into their relationship with fans and efforts to fulfill what they viewed as a clear market need. Of particular interest is the discussion on how they select content based on observing audience-enagement on fan-driven sites and the site’s success in collaborating with the […]

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By | April 15, 2009

Here then is part 3 of the full interview transcript with Seung Bak and Suk Park, the founders of the Asian Media streaming site Dramafever.This section deals with issues of audience measurement and engagement metric, as well as the challenges and opportunities licensed online video platforms face in light of the many unofficial sources of […]

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By | April 8, 2009

[Screencap from hugely popular Korean Drama “Boys Over Flowers”] Here then is part 2 of a multipart full interview transcript with Seung Bak and Suk Park, the founders of the Asian Media streaming site Dramafever. In this section, Seung and Suk talk about surprising audience demographics that reveal that the audience for Korean dramas might […]

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By | April 2, 2009

So I have been lax on blogging lately because I am currently in the deepest depths of thesis crunch time, with some 80-100 pages to produce in the next three weeks. I do have a number of hopefully interesting pieces in the works, including one on hybrid and divergence economies that will be a deeper […]

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Surplus Global Audiences and How to Court a Community: Insight from

By | February 4, 2009

Originally written for the Convergence Culture Consortium Last week I introduced Dramafever, a new content-distribution and community platform dedicated to bringing Asian entertainment content to the US (currently in closed beta) that is posing some interesting questions about engaging niche audiences in an increasingly global media landscape. This week, I had a chance to sit […]

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Global Media and Niche Audiences: Introducing

By | January 28, 2009

Originally written for the Convergence Culture Consortium On of the fascinating results of the increasing speed and accessibility of the present media landscape is that as the global reach of media content broadens, companies are becoming aware of increasingly fragmented, niched, and narrow audience segments. Such as the case with a new online VOD platform, […]

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