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Globalization/Delight: surprise Korean boyband cameo in Mexican telenovela

By | March 7, 2009

I’ve realized recently that I really do need a special category dedicated to the intersection of globalization and awesome. For the complex routes of global media flow occassionally spawn some of the many unexpected and strange (and I have add, because I’m a killjoy, not unproblematic) combinations. This past week, in particular, has been full […]

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Branding in Bahía: Spreadable media made (literally) material

By | February 27, 2009

Originally written for the Convergence Culture Consortium blog. For details about how Carnival works in Bahia, please refer to Ana Domb’s post. It’s fitting that we’re closing in on the end of our Spreadable Media white paper series on the blog just as Ana and I begin to discuss our experiences and research in Brazil, […]

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Quick note from the road

By | February 23, 2009

Landed in Salvador yesterday morning and just settling into the whole Carnival flow of things. Sadly discovered that I had left my camera cable back in Boston, so I won’t be able to upload photos until I acquire an SD card reader, which likely won’t happen until Sao Paulo since roads are a mess here […]

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