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Convergence, Confluence, Concurrence: the iPad’s implications for transmedia

By | April 12, 2010

A couple of dramatic developments in the world of media and technology from the past couple of weeks. First, the release of the iPad, which has everyone speculating about the future of media, publishing, advertising, and the mobile web. And second, the introduction of Transmedia Producer as an official Producer’s Guild of America credit, which […]

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Transmedia as Archontic texts: Multiplicity, Subjectivity, and Social Change

By | November 20, 2009

In lieu of a typical weekly round-up, I want to just encourage people to read through the #FOE4 tweets from the Futures of Entertainment conference today and tomorrow. Plenty of great insights that will shift your thinking on everything from transmedia metrics to how puppets are awesome (hint: they’re really awesome). On that front, I’ve […]

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Fan production and transmedia audienceships?

By | September 28, 2009

I typically don’t post such not-remotely-developed thoughts, but questions of the “transmedia audience” and how it is related to fan production have been prodding at me and part of me thinks that it may be worthwhile to at least verbalizing the question, if not offering any actual answers. The comments in my last post on […]

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Transmedia as intertext and multiplicity: why some types of stories lend themselves to transmedia

By | September 23, 2009

With FOE this year being heavily transmedia-centric, I’ve been thinking (and reading) a lot lately about transmedia — about what there is to say now that we’re past the phase of describing what it is and moving into thinking more deeply about what it does and how. A recent interview at Narrative Design Exploratorium with […]

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Thinking on Transmedia: accretive adaptation and narrative resonance

By | May 28, 2009

Recently, in preparation for an upcoming talk we’re giving at Turner Networks, my colleague Ana Domb and I were talking about how slippery the term “transmedia” has become. More and more, it seems to be used to talk about a range of different practices, from ARGs to adaptations, world-building to merchandising. While I do not […]

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