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Weekly round-up [01/29/10]: Data Privacy!

By | January 29, 2010

So I’ve been a little lax on my “weekly” reading round-ups, but slowly trying to get back in the swing of balancing out intake to output. As many of you know, Thursday was Data Privacy Day. Google released a video and written listing of its privacy principles, explaining how it uses its user data. Speaking […]

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Navigating Online Communites: a basic primer (part 2/2)

By | January 27, 2010

Communities are complex social formations with a nuanced system of structures, roles, and behaviors. In the world of brands and corporations, this fact it too often overlooked in favor segmenting communities according to the priorities of the brand. Brands need to know who can help push their agenda amongst the community — communities are segmented […]

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Navigating Online Communites: a basic primer (part 1/2)

By | January 20, 2010

Over the past few years, I’ve written countless times about brands and online communities and through it all there’ve been several concepts and principles that seem to crop up again and again. It seemed about time to lay out the most basic and general principles more systematically. Brands and Communities: 3 Core Principles Brands understand […]

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Weekly round-up [01/15/10]: Culture Matters, Globalization and the networked world, and Google v. China

By | January 15, 2010

Like many, I’ve been following the whole Google/China situation with some interest, it part because it really touches upon one of the central tensions surrounding increasingly globalized cultural and information networks and technological/legal infrastructures still organized around the nation-state. There’s been a ton written on it, but a few more comprehensive/interesting pieces: Of course, the […]

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back to blogging

By | January 13, 2010

So I’ve been on a brief blogging hiatus the past couple of weeks because I’ve noticed a couple of startling behavior patterns. I can no longer go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea without taking my phone with me (you know, in case I get some email in the couple of […]

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