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Selling Out on YouTube: vloggers weigh in on brand integration online

By | July 21, 2009

[This post will also appear on the C3 blog] Recently, a string of prominent vloggers on YouTube have been having a conversation about advertising, product promotion, and the notion of ‘selling out’. This was triggered by their experiences with various companies who courted them to help promote their products amongst their viewers and community and […]

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economic demands and community management: Emusic and Imeem’s Mistakes

By | July 9, 2009

Recently, three major music download and streaming sites underwent significant changes in their payment model and service offerings in response to revenue demands, causing a stir amongst their respective user-bases.While a simple logic of “give them what they want” when it comes to how to court communities would be nice, it doesn’t always hold in […]

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Globalization and . . . no, wait, what?

By | July 3, 2009

I was all set to run a Globalization/Delight post to ease into the holiday weekend, but was instead blind-sided by this promotion for the latest LG Cyon phone — Black & White — in Korean markets: In case you missed it: yes, that is two white people, one of whom is in full-body black paint. […]

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The “free” fracas: a quick round-up

By | July 1, 2009

[image from nicely85, licensed under creative commons] Back in March, I wrote a piece critiquing Anderson’s model of the “Freeconomy,” calling it a fallacy. My critique was not necessarily of the models he was proposing, but the way he was conflating things that had no cost with things that were “free.” I argued that rather […]

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